Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Swatch & Review - OPI Mariah Carey Collection Part 1

The Mariah Carey collection has been acquired!! I have been waiting for this collection for awhile, since I'm a big MC fan. I'll be showing you my picks of the studio shades today. Hopefully I'll get the liquid sand polishes soon, though I am still kind of on the fence about them. So if you guys really love or hate the liquid sand finishes let me know!

A Butterfly Moment:
This is a nude with gold shimmer, slightly frosty finish. The shimmer is not very obvious, but it really adds dimension. Formula was a tad difficult, but nothing major. Quite pigmented, 2 coats below with top coat on the middle and pinky (no TC index and ring). TC is recommended since the polish dries to a dull finish. Dry time was normal. Not prone to brush strokes or bald spots. Removal was harder than expected, more difficult than creams but much easier than foils.
 With flash

Pink Yet Lavender:
Large pink (slight lavender tone under certain light) hexagon glitter with small round holographic glitter in a clear base. Great glitter pay off at one coat (shown in pictures below). Removal was tough the way glitters usually are. Would not recommend this to be worn on its own, so I have shown it layered below on top of A Butterfly Moment and Sprung with top coat.
 With flash

 With flash

 Copper foil polish with specks of red and gold. Formula was easy to work with, but does not dry shiny (though adding TC is not much different, doesn't bring polish alive as I had expected). Pigmented (2 coats with TC on middle and pinky) though prone to bald-spots (seen on index finger). Removal is the usual for foil polishes (harder than creams).
With flash

Anti-bleak was too similar to Casino Royale, I thought, so I opted to not get it. Which colours were your favorite from the studio shades? Also, what are your thoughts on the liquid sand polishes?
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