Monday, 7 January 2013

Swatch - China Glaze Desert Sun (On Safari Collection)

Today I have Desert Sun from the China Glaze On Safari collection that I ordered from Transdesign. This is what I would describe as butterscotch/caramel cream. I really thought I would like the color more since I was so excited when I purchased it (I just wished the color was a tad lighter). Since it ended up being darker on the nail than in the the color came out darker than butterscotch. Thought I wonder if this is due to my nails being stained green (from my last mani) and therefore darker than usual causing the color of the polish to look darker as well. Since my ring finger is the only one that is not stained green that is the most color accurate. I'll have to try this color again when my nails are no longer stained.
All pictures are 2 coats of polish with top coat on middle and pinky (no TC on pointer and ring).

Natural light

Natural light with flash

This last picture is for comparing the shininess of TC (middle & pinky) versus no TC (index & ring).
Warm artificial light

As you can see the polish dries quite shiny, but if you want fast drying, a hard finish and perfectly smooth surface putting on TC would be best. This was almost a one coater for me (I like to do thicker coats rather than ultra thin coats) but 2 coats will definitely give you complete coverage. Application was wonderful (this is why I love creams) and self-leveling! Removal was easy as are for all creams with no staining.

Hope you liked this swatch. Do you own this color and what do you think of it? You like it or is it too out of the ordinary?
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