Sunday, 1 June 2014

Swatch - OPI Vesper

A textured polish today~ I find it quite interesting that the textured trend seems to still go going relatively strong. Companies are still cranking out textured polishes....I am assuming this is because consumers keep buying them? Everyone in the polish world was saying texture is a phase that will phase out just as fast as "shatters". I suppose only time will tell, personally I really like them and hope they stay around for awhile longer.

Dark purple jelly with black specks (glitter?) liquid sand. From the Bond Girls collection released May 2013. Due to the base being a jelly this dark polish requires at least two coats for full coverage. I suppose the intent of the jelly base was to allow the black glitter particles to be visible. However, you will find this isn't necessarily the case (depending on the number of coats you apply).
One very important note: the polish colour in the bottle suggests a brownish/reddish purple, but as a manicure this is a true purple without the brown undertone.

This is what one coat looks like, where you can clearly see a purple base with black particles.

The final manicure under the sun shows two coats without top coat. Here you can also tell this polish is purple with black pieces, but not as obvious.

Formula - Ok, easy to apply but a bit sheer
Pigmentation - Sheer, for such a dark colour I expected this to be a one-coater, needs 2 coats
Bottle colour similarity - Very different, there is no brownish undertones (bottle) when worn on the nails
Shine - None (liquid sand)
Removal - Average for textured polishes
Staining - None

Definitely a unique polish! Not my favorite, but it is strange enough to make me want to bust this out and pain my nails with it.

Are you still on the textured polish bandwagon? Or has the trend past for you?

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