Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Haul - Zoya (Try 3 Free Promotion)

Today I have a haul to show you that I got from Zoya through their try 3 free promotion. What the promotion was basically is you order 3 polishes for free and only pay for shipping ($10) when using the promotional code. Unfortunately the promotion has ended, but from what I see it seems like they have promotions quite often, so keep your eyes peeled!

This is what the box looked like when I opened it. There was lots of paper to cushion the box of polishes.

 A pamphlet of all the colours Zoya sells came along with the purchase! (If anyone wants of picture of the pamphlet opened I will gladly post one, since it's so colourful and makes me happy when I read the pamphlet)

 The polishes came in this cute little Zoya box! (I say little because the box is smaller than the OPI boxes)

Alright, on to the polishes! You probably wondering why there's 4 bottles of polishes. Well because on top of the 3 I was getting for free, I ordered a polish from the new Lovely collection (which was excluded from the promotion). Still, though, I only ended up paying $18 in total for the 4 bottles, not too shabby if you ask me ;)

 Left to right: Aurora, Zuza, Frida, and Neely

With flash

Neely was a must for me since that's my name! Except my name is spelled with "ie" instead of "y". Either way I had to have it! Hope you enjoyed this haul post and let me know if you've ordered something through this promotion as well!
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