Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Swatch - OPI Pussy Galore

Pink polish anyone? Is it weird that pink is often times not people's favourite polish colour? Maybe it is just too average compared to the array of colours and finishes that now exists after nail polish's popularity exploded? Admittedly, I cannot say it is my favourite polish colour either. However, I do like it as a palette cleanser, which brings us to this post!

OPI Pussy Galore:
Cotton candy pink frost with pink glitter liquid sand. This was a little sheer. On the first coat there was VNL and depending on the thickness of your second coat you may or may not see VNL. I did a thicker second coat to get rid of the VNL. This guy is not glitter-tastic like what we have seen previously from OPI. It just shimmers delicately in the sun (no shimmering indoors, sadly).

Pictures show two coats without top coat.

Formula - Okay, easy application but on sheer side
Pigmentation - Below average, VNL on first coat but thick second coat fixes that problem
Dry time - Average for liquid sands (personal experience: slower than regular polish)
Shine - None, this is a liquid sand
Wear - Tip wear on second day
Removal - Average for textured polishes (harder than creams, easier than glitters)
Staining - None

Well I must say I didn't like this polish as much as I thought I would. I went into this knowing it wasn't going to be sparkle-licious, but maybe this was a little too boring for me. However, this polish is great for work! It's a soft, subtle colour; yet the texture makes it more interesting than a regular pink cream. Plus, seeing people's reaction to the polish name is pretty amusing ;)

What are your thoughts of this polish? Is it too boring or does the texture make up for it?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

NOTD - SF Blues

Another Nail of The Day look to be shown. As anyone who owns a large stash of polishes would know, you always have a stash of "untrieds" as well. Overwhelmed by acquiring so many new polishes, naturally there was a desire to wear everything at once. If only humans had ten sets of hands instead of just one, huh? Since I am not a mutant, a compromise in the form of a skittle mani was created. The mani is mostly made up of polishes from the OPI San Francisco collection, hence the post name.

Excuse the tip wear, but I waited a couple of days before taking these photo's. Now you guys know which polishes didn't wear as well~

All fingers had two coats of polish with top coat, except the pinky (1 coat polish and top coat).
Thumb - OPI Haven't The Foggiest
Index - OPI Peace & Love & OPI
Middle - OPI Dining Al Frisco
Ring - Zoya Natty
Pinky - Zoya Hazel

I should adorn skittles more often, they are quite fun and allow maximum number of polishes to be worn. Right off the bat, Hazel is drawing me in becoming a favorite!

Which of these five are your favorite? Do you wear skittle mani's often?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Swatch - Essie Lots Of Lux

Originally, I wasn't going to get this polish after seeing the first couple of online reviews. But after reading so many reviews of the collection and seeing how everyone's favorite is this polish. I decided to give it a try. What do I think? Keep reading~

Essie Lots of Lux:
Royal blue with purple, gold and blue microglitter texture polish. This is from the Encrusted Treasures collection released in November last year? I believe this collection is Essie first release of textured polishes. Does this polish remind you guys of a HTF polish? I'm thinking OPI Absolutely Alice. Obviously they are different (far from being dupes), different in shade, one is glitter, one is textured. The idea is the same: blue with gold shimmer.

Shown is two coats without top coat.

 Some blurred pictures to show the sparkle of this polish!

Look at how it sparkles in the sun:

Formula - Great, not to thick and easy to apply (application tips below)
Pigmentation - Excellent, could be a one coater if do thick coat
Application tips: More polish on brush is better than less to eliminate patches/streaks. Try not to over work the polish because it will cause dragging leading to bald spots. Otherwise, this polish is a synch to apply as long as you are a seasoned polisher.
Dry Time - Average for a textured polish
Shine - None (textured)
Staining - Yes
Removal - Tough, harder to remove than pixie dust and liquid sand. Still a bit easier than glitter.

I am head over heels for this one! What a beautiful polish! Essie should keep cranking out awesome polishes like this (instead of nudes and *ahem* lavenders...).

Do you own this polish? How do you like it?
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