Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NOTD - Neon Leopard Holo Garbage

Any thoughts on the odd title? I just had to use the word "garbage", you will know why later if you do not already know. Recently, I got to go to one of my favorite polish supply stores! Yay~ I actaully had quite a bit of self-control in the store to my own surprise. When I got home I couldn't wait to use my new pretties! Awhile back Rebecca Likes Nails did a leopard mani using a couple of polishes from the China Glaze Sunsational collection. Needless to say I loved the combination and had to recreate the mani! My version is identical to her's except I wore Orly Sparkling Garbage on my pinky (hence the title).

The leopard print was kind of butchered, since I had to use a very awkward tool (the flat head on the back of a tiny needle). After searching all over the apartment for a "dotting tool" this was my best alternative. Should have brought my dotting tools! Anyway, I'm calling this "abstract leopard" haha.

Mani Composition:
Index & Middle - 2 coats China Glaze That's Shore Bright (with Top Coat)
Thumb & Ring - 2 coats China Glaze Highlight of My Summer and ChG TSB leopard print
Pinky - 3 coats Orly Sparkling Garbage

Gosh! I am loving everything about this mani: the colours, the combination and that holo glitter! Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca~

How do you guys like this mani? Do you own any of the polishes used in this mani?

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