Sunday, 9 June 2013

Swatch - Ruby Wing Green Peace

The sun has been out for almost a whole week straight! I am truly amazed and had to wear my Ruby Wing polishes before the sun hides behind clouds again. Ruby Wing is a polish brand that changes colours when UV rays hit the polish.

Ruby Wing Green Peace:
Neon green indoors that changes to dark grass green in the sun. The drastic colour change makes it very obvious that you are wearing two different colours. Colour change occurs within seconds of UV exposure, and takes less than a minute to complete. Beware: this polish was still patchy at 3 coats! Slightly brighter in real life than in photos. Pictures show 3 coats without top coat.

Below shows the difference in colour between sun exposure (index & ring) and no exposure (middle & pinky):

Formula - bad, hard to maneuver polish, not self-leveling
Application - tough: streaky, patchy, dragging, cannot get even application
Pigmentation - good
Shine - matte (no shine)
Dry time - fast (especially for very thin coats)
Removal - easy
Staining - a little

I wasn't too impressed with this polish because of the awful formula. However, it is so hard to hate this polish because of the awesome colours and the drastic change. I loved wearing this polish, the colour was perfect for summer and the colour change is amusing~

Do you own any colour changing polishes? Will you be passing up or getting Green Peace?
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