Saturday, 22 June 2013

Swatch - Ruby Wing Poppy

Gosh, it's been awhile since I last posted! Life has been busy. I am hoping everything will settle down real soon! Currently, I'm away from my home stash but I do keep a small stash of polish at the location I'm at right now. So I am excited to play with some of the untrieds I have here~

On with today's post! Another Ruby Wing polish, I just love these UV-induced colour changing polishes. They are super fun to wear on a sunny day outting!

Ruby Wing Poppy:
Hot pink neon cream that changes to plum under the sun. The colour is actually coral/red pink on the nail rather than neon pink as shown in bottle; and brighter and tad more pink in real life than in pictures. The polish is also scented, smelling like flowers (actually smells like the Anna Sui polishes that I have). Pictures show two coats without top coat.

 Below shows the index and ring fingers exposed to sun (middle and pinky not exposed to UV rays). Look at the drastic colour difference!

Formula - Excellent, applied like butter, self-leveling, really easy to spread/maneuver
Pigmentation - Excellent, one coater when do medium coat
Shine - Some, rubber-like finish
Dry time - Long
Removal - Easy

I really enjoyed wearing this polish, especially while in the sun! I also did a fun mani using stamping and another Ruby Wing polish that I will show you soon. Hope you guys enjoyed this short post~

Do you own any colour changing polishes? Do you own Ruby Wing Poppy?

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