Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sunshine Award

The weather has been especially nice the past couple days, so I have this extra spring in my step. Plus, I got nominated for this Sunshine Award by Michelle at Lacquer or Leave Her! Let's get to it then~

A. Thank the person who nominated you
Thanks so much Michelle for nominating me! Not only is the sun shining outside, but also on this blog now~ yay!

B. Post award logo on blog

C. Share seven facts about yourself
(1) Speak fluent Mandarin (from my appearance you would not be able to guess this)
(2) Have gotten stitches three times in my life (so far... knock on wood!) and all on my face...yes, I was a very active child
(3) Can wiggle my little toe, but only on one foot, so that it waves "Hi" at people... sorry if I just created a gross foot image for you all
(4) My polish obsession started last year when I began living on my own in a new city. Polish was my friend~ That sounds really sad, but it wasn't! I have really awesome memories that will stay with me forever from that city.
(5) Purple is my favorite colour, but teal is my weak spot for polish colours
(6) Hate carrots, but force myself to eat them when it is served (I refuse to waste food!)
(7) I love hot climates (we're talking 30 degrees Celsius and higher)

D) Nominate five more blogs:
(1) Marta at Chit Chat Nails
(2) Work/Play/Polish
(3) Cynthia at Of Life and Lacquer
(4) Rebecca at Rebecca Likes Nails
(5) Jessica at Be Happy and Buy Polish

These ladies all have wonderful blogs and I highly encourage you to check them all out if you have not already done so!

Thanks again Michelle for nominating me! This was great fun! I spot a trend here...you seem to always get me off my lazy chair to do something fun on the blog.
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