Thursday, 4 April 2013

Swatch - OPI Skull & Crossbones

Do you guys ever find it strange when you see really old OPI polishes at your local salon randomly popping up for sale? I sure do. This was the case for this OPI that I am going to show you today. I went around browsing at my local salon and found OPI Skull & Crossbones in a sale bin. Did this polish magically appear out of no where? I haven't seen any polishes from the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides collection at any of the salons in town since a couple months after its release. My certainty comes from the fact that a friend and I check these stores on a regular basis. This whole situation seems bizarre to me, because it seems like they forgot about a few stray bottles and two years later they find them in a dusty corner. How does this happen?! I think I am over analyzing the whole thing, and it is time for some swatches.

OPI Skull & Crossbones is a grey with green and beige tones that really warm the colour up. The green tones are tough to see unless you compare the colour to another grey. I got NOPI Am I Making Myself Claire at the same time as this polish, and having the two colours side by side really showed the green in this polish. Very different! The availability of this polish needs to be noted. This was a limited edition polish and is no longer available in major stores (unless you get lucky like me!).

Pictures below show 3 coats (index & ring) and 2 coats (middle & pinky) with top coat. Two nails required 3 coats due to some coats being thin and streaky.

Formula - streaky
Pigmentation - alright, 2 medium coats applied lightly will yield good results
Finish - shiny
dry time - average
removal - easy
*Application tip: apply with light touch and thicker coats to avoid streakiness

Grey polish I usually stay away from, there is something about grey nails that do not appeal to me. The reason I purchased this polish is due to the green tone, making it less grey and more unique, in my opinion. So due to the green, I really like this polish! Too bad spring has finally decided to arrive in town, so I won't be wearing these fall colours as much.

Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection: Mermaid Tears, Planks A Lot, Skull & Crossbones, Sparrow Me The Drama, Steady As She Rose, Stranger Tides, and Silver Shatter.
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