Friday, 19 April 2013

Swatch - China Glaze Stella

I have a couple of hours of free time today, so I figure I would do a swatch posting! This is going to be quick and short.

China Glaze Stella:
Dark warm (red leaning) purple shimmer that has this glow from within look with dark edges. This polish is from the Retro Diva collection released by China Glaze a few years ago. Pictures show 2 coats without top coat.

Formula - Great
Pigmentation - Great, a 1 coater (2 coats necessary if do not use thick coats)
Finish - Little bit of shine, TC recommended
Dry time - Faster side for dark colour
Prone to - brush strokes (slightly), less noticeable when dry
Wear - tip wear in 1 day, chipped within 3 days 
Application tip: try to apply fast and not go over same spot too many times (will start to drag due to faster dry time)

This is a beautiful colour with a great formula. I just wishes tip wear on this was better, because nothing bothers me more than seeing this white outline at my nail edge. Overall, this is a definitely like for me and I will be wearing it many times due to the beautiful colour.

What do you think about this colour? Do you own this polish?
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