Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mani entry for ChitChatNails Skittlette contest

I entered in ChitChatNails' Skittlette contest and it was super fun to do a skittlette mani (it was my first time!). It took a real long time for me to decide on what I wanted to do on my nails, then I finally settled on what you see below. I apologize ahead of time for the dark pic, since it was taken at night the lighting is much less than ideal.

What was used in the mani:
          Thumb & Middle: China Glaze Wagon Trail
          Index & pinky: OPI Did you 'ear about van gogh? stamped with bow from Cheeky plate CH1
                                   using ChG Wagon Trail
          Ring: ChG Pizzazz

Hope you enjoyed this mani, I sure did. And I hope I have inspired you to go create skittlette mani's of your own. Check out the other entries for the contest here! Thanks for stopping by~

Dec 30 edit:
I actually WON a prize from this contest!!!! When I saw the post I literally kept refreshing the page to make sure what I was seeing was real. I came in second place and received my prize of choice...the Galz Fairy stamping set. I was taken completely by surprise considering how amazing all the other entries were, so I am extremely honored. Thanks again Marta (@ChitChatNails) for holding this contest!!! To see the other winners click here.
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