Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Haul - Cheeky Nail Art Tools

Hello~ I thought I would show you what I got from Cheeky during their 15% off promotion. There were some plates that I wanted along with nail art tools. There are lots of nail art out there that I still want to try, so I decided to get a brush set and dotting tools. Let the creative juices flow!

The package came in a bubble wrap envelope, then everything inside was wrapped in bubble wrap as well (no pictures posted). I do have an issue with the bubble wrap envelope, because it is not stiff enough to stop the items inside from bending/folding. As a result, my nail brush bag was bent and one of my plates was slightly bent at a corner. The bending is minor that it doesn't actually affect the outcome of the product, but still I like my products to arrive in mint condition. My thinking is they should have put a piece of cardboard in the envelope along with the items. Payment, order processing and mailing took 3 weeks total (shorter probably for those who pay by credit card).

On to the goodies! I got a set of 3 large plates that I have been wanting for a long time, been wanting to stamp my nails in a paisley pattern! Set of 5 dotting tools giving 10 dotting sizes. Lastly, a set of 25 brushes for nail art that came in a roll up bag.

I am so so excited to use these! Already started using my new dotting tools to create a flower dotticure. One thing I did not realise until I got the package was that larger stamping plates means larger stamping images. So the images on these new plates I got are way too big for my slim nails. This means I won't be able to get the whole pattern on my nails...sadness :( But this is great news for people who have large nails, since many seem to have a hard time finding images large enough. Nonetheless I'm still over the moon about my new toys to play with!

Did you order anything from Cheeky during their promotion? How do you like Cheeky products? Thanks for stopping by~
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