Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Swatch - OPI Chatters Me Up

Hello everyone, it's time for my first Nail of the Day post!
I picked up this polish at a Chatters salon at home after seeing it on a blog. It turns out this is apparently a HTF polish. Though I think it is quite common in a Chatters salon? Don't hold me to that! But I did see quite a few bottles at that particular Chatters, maybe that's because OPI made the polish especially for the salon chain. Anyway, without further chit-chat by me here are the swatches (somewhat pic heavy).

Natural light:

Warm artificial light:

Chatters Me Up is red/purple shimmer in a dark purple base. In the bottle you can also see some gold shimmer as well, though it is not noticeable on the nail. The polish also dried quite shiny and is extremely pigmented; I tried to show these in all the pictures:

Index finger - 2 coats without top coat
Middle finger - one coat without top coat
Ring finger - 1 coat with top coat

Removal of the polish was harder than creams but easier than glitters, typical for this type of polish. What would you call this kind of polish anyway? Foil? Glass fleck? Sparkle? Don't know, if you know the proper term for this type of polish please let me know!
Hope you enjoyed this posting and the swatch. This is now one of my favorite polishes, the colour is gorgeous! Love love looove!

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