Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Share - First Look at Mariah Carey by OPI Collection

Here is a preview of the upcoming Mariah Carey collection that OPI will debut in January 2013.

There will be 8 colours and they are divided into 2 categories: studio and stage shades. The stage shades feature the new Liquid Sand polishes which are textured with a matte finish and sparkle.

Studio Shades:
1)   A Butterfly Moment (This sophisticated and frosty tan nude has us all a-flutter)
2)   Sprung (Fall hopelessly in love with this shimmery copper)
3)   Pink Yet Lavender (This pink glitter with lavender shimmer has superstar shine!)
4)   Anti-bleak (This deep, creamy purple will lift your spirits)

Stage Shades:
1)   Stay the Night (Make it last in this matte black with red glints)
2)   Get Your Number (Wearing this matte blue with sparkles is a great call)
3)   Can’t Let Go (Hold onto this matte purple with dazzling sparkle)
4)   The Impossible (This matte fuchsia with star confetti will never give up)

Here's a more realistic view of the polishes:
 Left to right: Sprung, A Butterfly Moment, Pink Yet Lavender and Anti-Bleak

 Top left to right: Get Your Number, Can't Let Go, The Impossible and Stay the Night
Bottom left to right: A Butterfly Moment, Sprung, Anti-Bleak and Pink Yet Lavender

Below shows what the Liquid Sand polishes look like when on the nail.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I am very excited for the two Mariah Carey collections, since I'm a huuuuge Mariah Carey fan!!! Which colours are you most excited about? And what are your thoughts about these new Liquid Sand polishes?

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