Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bond Girl Manicure

So I did THE manicure of the month (as I like to call it since I am a James Bond fan) last week...the Bond Girl Manicure! I had been waiting for Skyfall the movie to come out since I saw the trailer for the movie at the beginning of the year. Then I was even more excited when I heard about the OPI Skyfall collection. So of course I had to do the Bond Girl Manicure when I went to see the movie. Man were the line-ups for the movie crazy, I still managed to get to the theatre early enough to get great seats. Oops, I'm starting to ramble...here are the pics!

 (With flash)

 (Without flash)

For the manicure I used OPI Goldeneye for the bottom side of the nails and OPI Skyfall on top. First I did the underside using 3 coats of the gold polish (letting each coat dry); in order to get opacity for the gold to really shine. This is important since when you put on a dark color like Skyfall on top the underside darkens quite a bit (so then you need the gold to compensate). I really wasn't thinking when I did the manicure, cause I started having pools of gold polish collecting under my nails. Then I saw another blog post a tutorial on the manicure and I face-palmed realising I should have used tape to avoid the mess. *sigh* you live and you learn right?

I love love looooved this manicure. It was my first time doing this type of manicure, I think the name is Louboutan manicure? (Named after the designer shoe brand that I wish I could afford!) So have you tried out this manicure yet? If you haven't watched the new James Bond movie...get your Bond Girl Manicure on and get to a movie theatre! I really enjoyed the movie as you could probably tell...^^
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