Friday, 24 May 2013

NOTD/Haul - Random Pick-Me-Up Glitters!

I was having a pretty rough day yesterday, so I decided to run some fun errands and catch some sun. In the end, my errand trip did cheer me up significantly! Managed to lend a few good movies, pick up my ring from routine rhodium plating (it was so shiny!), and stumbled across some polishes resulting in this haul.

In Canada, there is a Claire's (or Icing now I suppose) equivalent called Ardene's. The store used to only sell jewelry, polish and hair accessories. However, somehow over the last 10 years or so, clothing and shoes have taken over half the store. Anyway, the bright colours and girly atmosphere drew me in; nothing cheers me up more than a super girly store (okay....maybe except polish). Seeing the polishes, I rummage through them a bit not taking them seriously because I admit I am kind of a polish snob. Polish snob meaning I do not "usually" buy drugstore, clothing store, or other random polishes. With that said, if there is a unique polish I will get it! Back to the polishes, I liked some of the glitters they had and I look up to see a sign saying they are 80% off! Immediately, I grab all the glitters. Some of you may wonder just how much each polish cost after discount...hold on to your hats...they were 90 cents each (and that's after taxes)! Could not pass up on that deal.

There are some truly spectacular polishes in here that I am extremely excited to try out. I especially love the holographic label sticker on the bottle of the bottles. All nail polish should have their names printed in holographic paint!

 Just look at these two holo glitter polishes that caught my eye! So pretty and sparkly!

 Here is a closer look at Tigers eye, the silver holo glitter polish that I could not wait to layer over something.

I layered one coat of Tigers Eye on top of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. Not sure how I feel about this combination. It looks kind of tacky to me, but I will wear it for a couple of days to see if it grows on me.

In case some of you are wondering about the quality of the glitter polish, this guy is definitely not nearly as good as China Glaze, OPI, or any of those types of brands. This polish takes a longer time to dry, dries kind of sticky, smells awful (like plastic) and the holo part of some glitters have stripped off. However, the glitter coverage was pretty good and application was easy. All in all, the quality is not great but I still like the look of the polish. For 90 cents, I am very happy!

What are you guys' take on clothing store polishes? Do you guys consider yourselves polish snobs?

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