Thursday, 17 April 2014

NOTD - SF Blues

Another Nail of The Day look to be shown. As anyone who owns a large stash of polishes would know, you always have a stash of "untrieds" as well. Overwhelmed by acquiring so many new polishes, naturally there was a desire to wear everything at once. If only humans had ten sets of hands instead of just one, huh? Since I am not a mutant, a compromise in the form of a skittle mani was created. The mani is mostly made up of polishes from the OPI San Francisco collection, hence the post name.

Excuse the tip wear, but I waited a couple of days before taking these photo's. Now you guys know which polishes didn't wear as well~

All fingers had two coats of polish with top coat, except the pinky (1 coat polish and top coat).
Thumb - OPI Haven't The Foggiest
Index - OPI Peace & Love & OPI
Middle - OPI Dining Al Frisco
Ring - Zoya Natty
Pinky - Zoya Hazel

I should adorn skittles more often, they are quite fun and allow maximum number of polishes to be worn. Right off the bat, Hazel is drawing me in becoming a favorite!

Which of these five are your favorite? Do you wear skittle mani's often?

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